The Couples only Retreat with Hannelore
and Communing with Dolphins in Hawaii
March 11 -18, 2018

This Retreat is a unique combination and balance of playfulness, restorative activities and time spent investing and enhancing the quality of your relationship. Besides a fresh start in your relationship you and your partner will gain cherished memories of the experience that will last a lifetime.

What will it take for your relationship to be what you want it to be?couple1

Most of us get lost when a relationship is challenging. We can end up really lost and disconnected if it’s been difficult for some time.

The solution and the way back to love lies in a process that most couples aren’t aware of, and haven’t put it into place within the relationship.

Hannelore calls this process: “The Five R’s of Relationship:”

1. Refresh
2. Repair
3. Restore
4. Re-Ignite
5. Rejuvenate

Refresh by changing the dynamic between you and your partner. Change the environment where cycles of behavior just keep going around and around. Change the communication. Change the setting, change the story.

Repair broken connections between you and your partner by sharing a willingness to have it be different and a commitment to be different yourself.

Restore the fundamentals of trust, respect, communication and appreciation by changing the conversation, both internally and externally.

Re-Ignite your natural affection, love and passion for each other.

Rejuvenate together by making a commitment to create ways for each partner to rejuvenate their core being and center themselves within the relationship and within the hectic, complicated world we live in.

“There is a way you can have all of these important and vital elements within a short period of time and get your relationship on track.”

The Couples Only Retreat on the Big Island

Couples in the activity room

The Couples Only Retreat with Hannelore is a 7-day Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This Couples Only Retreat is totally unique. It is not a group program like workshops, seminars, or marriage encounters. It is a gentle, restorative and clarifying process that will (if you let it) re-establish your relationship and make it better than it ever was.

The Couples Only Retreat with Hannelore is your chance to set the foundation for a lifetime of togetherness at a level of connection and intimacy that you would have never dreamed of.

About Hannelore

Hannelore is a gifted relationship coach, a certified Minister of Spiritual Counseling and Healing, International Speaker and Reiki Master.


Known around the world as a rich and loving balance of the masculine and the feminine Hannelore has assisted hundreds of individuals, couples and families from all walks of life. She has an innate ability to discern where negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are held. These beliefs ‘result’ in issues of self esteem, abandonment, abuse, trust, anxiety, trauma, depression, loss, betrayal, infidelity, relationship issues or the need for help in personal development.

"With a gracious and compassionate heart Hannelore guides you through your personal issues with sensitivity and respect for your journey traveled so far. She gently assists you to transform and replace old beliefs with clear life-enhancing skills. Throughout the retreat Hannelore creates a safe space for you and your partner to find the opening for truth, forgiveness, healing and a return to love."

In the Couples Only Retreat, you will find a wonderful balance of time Swimming and Communing with the Dolphins, quiet time for each other and quality seminar time with the group in our beautiful gathering room. These come together times are used to teach you and your partner techniques to enhance, create and/or re-create the spark of love, joy, intimacy and communication in your relationship.

Hannelore explains why she does the Retreat specifically in this way:

“I found after working with many couples in their local environment and then having similar couples do the similar processes at my Retreat in Hawaii, that it took a fraction of the time for the couple, when they attended the Retreat, to get back to the place where they were again generating love with one another rather than anger and angst.

It is next to impossible for a couple to make the kind of progress needed if they remained in the work, family and habitual environment that got them into trouble in the first place.

Stress and fatigue are a relationships worst enemy. In the Couples Only Retreat environment couples blend rest and playfulness in with focused work and exercises designed to keep their relationship intact and get it moving forward again.”

In the seminar portion Hannelore guides you through powerful and dynamic exercises that you can then practice and experience privately with your partner. These exercises have been carefully designed to guide you to:

  • deepen your intimacy
  • effectively and lovingly communicate
  • gain conflict resolution skills
  • learn how to problem solve,
  • open to what you both want for each other and your relationship
  • develop respect, trust, love and compassion for each other
  • create the vision for a relationship to last a lifetime

The Retreat Setting

Located at a beautiful, Polynesian style, sea side resort on the Big Island you will find yourself in a most unique and magical setting of old Hawaii.

You reside in the deep comfort of open air living on the ocean. Enchantment is all around you as you walk along the beaches or snorkel in crystalline waters with a rainbow of tropical reef fish.

Sea turtles and spinner Dolphins call the bay in front of you home. You can view magnificent Humpback Whales off the lanai and take in breathtaking sunsets. Relax and read in Hammocks beneath the rustling palms and allow the sounds of the sea to gently restore your inner being and lull you to sleep.

An ideal setting to re-create the Passion.

Your retreat includes a Whale cruise, visits to Sacred Sites, Local Entertainers, Organic Gourmet Meals and of course, daily Communing with Dolphins.

Dolphins are incredibly sensuous beings and the masters of relationship. Their sonar is 5 times more powerful than any medical diagnostics. Research indicates a phenomenon of BLISS occurs for those who swim with Dolphins. You will experience your stress and frustrations disappear.

The Couples only Retreat with Hannelore is unparallel as the most incredible gift you can give to yourself, your Beloved and your Relationship.

Here is what others have said:

"Our Hawaiian trip will forever be one of our most wonderful experiences. With the tropical accommodations, fabulous food, great entertainment, the ocean and of course the dolphins, the energy was so amazing words can't explain. It's a must do! We can't wait for an opportunity to return." --Bonnie and Mike Lenhart
"The retreat was the most incredible and special gift we could have given to each other. It was amazing, powerful and magical, a superb balance of group experiences and at the same time allowed the safety and privacy for us as well. We discovered so much about our individual selves as well as about each other. We even found more passion than we thought was possible.

The exercises and techniques Hannelore gave us were practical, nurturing, powerful and easy to use. We will continue to use these tools to assist and guide us throughout life's many challenges. We completed the retreat excited about our future together and are confident about our successful and loving relationship with each other." --Serena and Lorne
"Hannelore and her ‘Communing with Dolphins Couples retreat’ were nothing short of magical. She carefully and lovingly selected every aspect of the experience -- from the amazing locale, unbelievable food, powerful group and couple exercises and incredible staff that supported every step along the journey of opening our hearts to truth and love.

Hannelore skillfully brought a diverse group together in harmony, and created a safe and sacred space that allowed us all to grow and love that much deeper. I am so grateful for the wisdom and insight shared that week, as it has made a huge difference in my life and our relationship.” --Sarah and Luke
"It has been over a year since we attended the couples retreat in Hawaii with Hannelore. When we arrived we were nervous, wondering what this experience would hold. What we received was a new and lasting connection with each other that was blessed by the retreat space, the beautiful island, the dolphins and the new “family” we developed. The experience itself was magical, beautiful and nourishing. When we first came home we were afraid to lose the connection we had found.

What is so exciting is how the connection and learning we received has lasted. This was not a holiday where the feeling fades over time, it is a place of transformation that allows you to bring the magic home with you and allow it to grow over time. This experience has changed our lives and taken our relationship, intimacy and commitment to a higher level. We continue to reflect on things we learned and are excited to further our learning even more. Our friends are still curious about what happened to us over there!” --Kari and Boyd

Who Should Attend

This retreat is open to all couples who:

Have been together for years, or
Are just beginning your relationship.
Are Straight or Gay
Are married or not
Are still in love and happy in your relationship, or
Are in crisis and at the brink of ending your relationship
Have lost the “spark” or “passion”
Want and don’t know how to “spice” things up
Have difficulty in communicating
Have lost respect and trust for each other
Want joy, love, passion and intimacy with each other

Your issues and your privacy are respected. The group dynamics allow for a small intimate group to connect and source strength from each other. There is a comfort in knowing there are others with similar relationship issues. All intimate sharing will be confined to you and your partner.

Some Things the Couples Only Retreat is Not

It is not a religious retreat
It is not a seminar or workshop in the formal sense of the words
It does not involve deep processing
It is not a “conversation” workshop to different beliefs

The Next Step

First email Hannelore at the address below and set up a time for a phone conversation with her. Hannelore speaks with every attendee before the retreat to make sure that there is compatibility with the other couples attending.


Hannelore will provide you with all the travel details and answer any of your questions. Don’t delay. The Couples Only Retreat facilitates no more than seven couples.

You are only a few days away from the most incredible investment and gift you can give to yourself, your Beloved and your Relationship. Email Hannelore today.

Deepen your experience

What would be more magical, in a tropical Paradise setting, than to renew your vows! And/or experience a special Hawaiian ceremony to honor and enhance the depth of the commitment you have for each other and your relationship?

As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Hannelore would be happy to discuss this prior to the retreat with you.

Hannelore also offers Retreats for Individuals age 15+

This years Individuals Retreats:
February 25 - March 4, 2018

This retreat is open for everyone – it is not just for couples only. The focus of this retreat is to re-connect to your inner child, be playful, release what no longer serves and allow for forgiveness of Self and others. This is your reward and gift to yourself. It is a wonderful opportunity to share a magical experience with a friend or family member.

The individuals age 15+ retreat is located in magnificent oceanfront guest home in the Big Island of Hawaii and is at a different location from where the couples retreat is held. You will experience daily snorkel and swims with playful non-captive Dolphins and Sea Turtles and watch Humpback Whales. Your retreat includes scrumptious organic gourmet meals, a Whale cruise, entertainers, some seminar time, visits to sacred sites, and for this retreat only a Manta Ray sunset snorkel/dive.

This is footage taken of the Manta dive at our last retreat…

A MAGICAL WEEK to experience joy, bliss and laughter.

Hannelore can be reached via:
1.888.785.5711 or 604.926.4988

Hannelore’s Websites:


We invite you to view this video filmed by Hannelore during the 2008 retreat


‘Sacred Union – Passion and Spirit’
Francene Hart:







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