Photo Gallery

See some of the best pictures of the last 10 years. A special thanks to Jeff Goodman for his excellent dolphin shots.

Retreat 2003 - 2004 - 2005 -2006 - 2012 -More Retreat Pictures

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Videos from the retreats.

Megan, with a testimony of her experience

Susan talks about the retreat

"Swimming with Mantas" Video
Retreat 2008

Manta rays are graceful, beautiful and large sea creatures that live in Hawaiian waters...more


"Playing with Dolphins" Video
Retreat 2008

This footage was shot with my underwater video camera at the 2008 retreats...more


10 Minutes Retreat Video
This is a 10 minute video of our 2003 Retreat.
It is in Quicktime format and can be watched HERE

The viewing of this video requires the latest version of Quicktime 7 if you don't have it already installed on your computer you can do so by clicking the icon below.
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Radio Intervie
w with Hannelore

Here is a link to a two hour radio interview with Hannelore when she was on the island of Hawaii in March, 2004. It begins with 6 minutes of music, introduction and message from Douglas Webster of Dolphinville radio.
To listen to the interview right now click HERE