"Playing with Dolphins" Video
Retreat 2008

"This footage was shot with my underwater video camera at the 2008 retreats.  Even though it may look like I was swimming alongside the dolphins, they in fact kept swimming in circles around me.  We had such fun playing the ‘leaf game’.  They would keep dropping the leaf for me to pick up, often taking it deeper into the water allowing me just enough air to grab it.  Then just before I could take it, one of them quickly swam by and would take it before I could get to it - and in their lovely way ‘laugh’.  On one of these occasions I intentionally grabbed the leaf face first so that it covered my mask; - again, laughter from the dolphins.  The next time around one of the dolphins swam face first into the leaf and kept swimming circles around me with the leaf covering her eyes while she made her beautiful dolphin sounds.  I was laughing so hard and unfortunately did not film this segment.  The image remains warmly in my heart"